Riva degli Etruschi is the ideal location to relax and regain your energy in contact with nature and just a few steps from the sea. For the 2021 season, we have drawn up a safety protocol to combat and contain the spread of Covid-19, which has been examined, tested and confirmed by the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), a world leader in certification. The result is our Covid protocol, which aims to offer all our guests and staff a safe and attentive welcome in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Government and the Region of Tuscany, so as to ensure a safe stay for everyone

In addition to the normal cleaning procedures, an additional sanitization and disinfection protocol has been introduced for surfaces (remote controls, furniture, handles, etc.), fabrics and furnishings with Ekonore bio ozone generating machines that do not cause damage to the environment or to people.
All linen supplied to customers, both bed and bath, is packaged in transparent film and is treated with procedures that guarantee a washing and sanitizing process capable of achieving microbial abatement on the fabrics.

The reception, toilets and other common areas of the hotel are regularly and scrupulously sanitized with specific products and Ekonore organic ozone to guarantee everyone a safer stay.


The Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), world leader in certification, has examined, tested and confirmed the sanitization protocols we have developed.

Our staff is adequately trained in health and hygiene regulations and scrupulously follows the protocols laid down to guarantee the maximum safety of all our guests.


The large spaces of our restaurants, surrounded by nature and just a few steps from the sea, naturally offer a safe welcome to everyone. All restaurants display a sign stating the maximum number of people allowed in order to avoid close contact and to ensure a distance of at least one metre between tables. From 6 August 2021, it will be compulsory to show the green certificate or green pass, in paper or digital form, in order to eat in restaurants

All kitchen staff are properly trained, use personal protective equipment (mask, gloves) and regularly sanitize all work surfaces.

We have modernised and digitised the access procedure with a new check-in system that involves scanning documents and signing them on a tablet with a digital pen equipped with a disposable protective cover.
In addition, we have implemented a Web-check-in service with dedicated checkpoints, so as to eliminate queues and crowds at reception.

The front office is equipped with plexiglass separators and distance markers. In order to eliminate queues and reduce crowds, the two access doors to the premises have been designated one for entry and one for exit. On the entrance door there is a sign indicating the obligation to wear a mask and the maximum number of people allowed inside the premises, in order to guarantee the safety of all guests and staff.

The use of the gym will be possible with limited access and compulsory booking. In order to use the gymnasium, from 6 August 2021 it is compulsory to show the green certificate or green pass, in paper or digital format. All sports, both outdoor (except five-a-side football) and water sports will be guaranteed. All sports equipment will be sanitised after each use.

Access to the pools will be restricted by an electronic people counter located at the entrance turnstile and supervised by our staff, who will only allow entry until the maximum number of people admitted has been reached. There will be two shifts to allow proper sanitation of the entire facility and equipment. The chemical parameters of the water will be checked and verified in compliance with the health regulations in force.

The Mariva Oasis, located on the sand dunes and equipped with beach umbrellas, sunbeds and gazebos, are sanitised and disinfected daily.
Even the Mariva swimming pool, which is for the exclusive use of the customers of the Oasis and of the restaurant, is limited and controlled by adequately trained staff who will allow the entrance only until the maximum number of people admitted is reached.

On our 1 km-long beach of fine sand, umbrellas will be spaced according to the measures provided for by the regulations. All the beach equipment will be sanitized daily using ecological products with low environmental impact.

All the entertainment activities will take place in open areas and will be managed by specialised staff, dividing the children and teenagers into micro-groups, thanks to the vastness of the spaces available and the play areas, so that they can enjoy all the recreational activities in complete safety.



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Our priority is to offer everyone a careful and safe welcome in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Government.  Starting from August 6th 2021, as established by Law Decree No. 105 of 23/07/2021, in order to access the events/shows listed below, it will be necessary to show the Green Pass (in paper or digital format):

– All the events/shows organized by the animation carried out both outdoors and in the indoor premises of Riva degli Etruschi;

– All activities/events involving children over 12 years old held both outdoors and indoors at Riva degli Etruschi;

– All events/shows organized internally by our facility held both outdoors and indoors at Riva degli Etruschi.

In addition, the Green pass will be required to access the gym

As far as the stay in the structure is concerned, during the check-in, will be required a self-certification in compliance with regulations and will not be required any digital certification (Green pass)

We hope to welcome you soon to Riva degli Etruschi