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On Holidays With Your Children

Children at Riva degli Etruschi

Children's world

For children holiday is a magic moment. With family and with friends their holiday is an important period just like school days. Spending entire days dreaming with imagination and being conscious that playing for children is a very serious thing. The Resort and the qualified staff of Riva degli Etruschi will help with creating suitable conditions for enjoying intense days.

Always available the alternative of the "invented game" where children are masters also for adults and the "organized game". In the first game children realize their fantasies in a natural space made of sand and water. In the second one they will share experiences guided and helped by professionals of playful entertainment, tireless experts in inventing games and plays.

Of course security is the first requirement of which our staff at Riva degli Etruschi care, and also a relationship based on trust with children and parents, who in their turn are happy to leave their children to enjoy themselves autonomously and take the first steps to the difficult journey to become big. Therefore in the little big world of Riva degli Etruschi children can simply live and experience everything they want and need. In addition to the natural environment Riva degli Etruschi is synonymous with pleasant company and great entertainment.

Entertainment, games, swimming pools, wide beaches and entertaining shows give the opportunity to children to be vitals during the entire vacation. Children are happy when tiredness comes at the night: it means that they did their job well.

For younger guests, the resort offers the Baby, Mini and Junior Club for children from 3 to 16 years, where kids can live in freedom, open spaces, get new friendships and have fun, under the watchful eyes of our staff.

The activities are held in the facility unit located next to the playground, right next to the swimming pools and the sports facilities or on the beach of Club Nautico and they are organized byour entertainment staff.

Some activities:

  • Beach games
  • Pool games
  • Soccer school
  • Sports activities
  • Baby Dance
  • Evening shows
  • Staggered Fairytales
  • Sandy fantasies

From May to October included in the stay and run by qualified entertainment staff:

From 3 to 6 years no baby-sitting

From 7 to 10 years

From 11 to 13 years

From 14 to 16 years

Servizi per Bambini al Resort Riva degli Etruschi Servizi per Bambini al Resort Riva degli Etruschi Servizi per Bambini al Resort Riva degli Etruschi Servizi per Bambini al Resort Riva degli Etruschi