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Sports at Riva degli Etruschi.

The holiday resort Riva degli Etruschi has always been a privileged and coveted destination of sport lovers. The natural environment offers ideal spaces for putting into motion your body. Every moment of the day is good for an invigorating run: on the shoreline at dawn or at sunset, or in pinewood when the sun shines.

But for doing sport and training it is essential to rely on specific structures.

Tennis lovers can count on four clay courts plus a synthetic grass court with night lighting where we also organize classes for children, with particular care to athletic and competitive training.

Plenty of room dedicated to soccer e volley are always effective and ideal for the most demanding sportsmen, and also for those who like these sports just as pure fun and entertainment.

Same thing for the swimming-pools: they are three, all heated, in a magnificent setting and surrounded by greenery. Among the activities there are included swimming lessons for adults and children in the 80 sqm swimming- pool with depth gauge up to 50 centimeters.

At the Spa there is also a modern gym where you can always train or stay fit.

Riva degli Etruschi is a window to the open sea and offers ideal conditions for practising sailing, windsurfing and catamaran.

The surrounding area is a paradise also for cyclists who can rent mountain bikes and go hiking. Cycles lovers and professional cyclists have elected the Etruscan coast one of the most suitable areas for training (road cycling and mountain biking) and turning to tourism.

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