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Tuscan restaurant pizzeria

Pizza and beer, according to the best Italian tradition

Set in a modern, welcoming and informal environment.

In this restaurant pizza, the gastronomic pride of Italian culture, is prepared according to the best tradition.

In addition, the wide selection of beers we have allows us to recommend the best match, guaranteeing you a mix of flavors that perfectly evoke the origins and culture of the beautiful country.

INFO AND BOOKINGS: 0565/719519

Taste the tradition

we recall the traditions of Italian cuisine

Carefully built for all summer needs,

Magù di San Vincenzo also offers you the opportunity to eat outdoors,

allowing you to enjoy the unspoiled nature from which it is surrounded.

Ours is a pure and unconditional passion for Italian cuisine:

colors, flavors and smells perfectly portray all the typical features of the boot.