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The interior and exterior that fluidly slide into each other, with wood becoming an element of architectural and aesthetic unity: the Mariva Restaurant is an example of design put at the service of functionality and beauty.
Modern architecture is integrated into the natural environment of the pine forest, creating a place where the gastronomic proposals evoke the tradition of the territory, the use of fish and typical products of the hinterland blend with the proposal of wines from nearby Bolgheri, enhancing the taste of each course.

   INFO AND BOOKINGS: 0565/719777

The Mariva restaurant represents a wonderful example of integration between modern architecture and natural environment.

Territory and tradition

The innovations and creativity of our chef

The contemporaneity of a place that integrates environment and design, suitable for events and weddings, romantic dinners or with family.
Also bookable by those who are not guests of the hotel, Mariva is an experience not to be missed.


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