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On Holidays With Children

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On holiday with children on the sea of Tuscany

Children live their days, months and seasons linking each moment to a precise idea of what they wish to do … and during summer time, during the hot season, they inescapable think of sea, sand and holidays.

In the resorts, all is focused on having the “little” have fun and having the adults relax and devote themselves to the activities they prefer, while their children play at the kids’ club.

It does not matter of which age are your children, the Staff of Riva degli Etruschi will involve them.

Our kids’ club is split into Baby (3-6 year-old), Mini (7-10 year-old), Maxi (11-13 year-old) or Junior (14-16 year-old). By this way, children and youngsters of the same age can play together, choosing their favour games and discovering new ones.

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