When a life of contemplation gives way to fun... we're on it, with a programme packed with ideas for making each day completely different. In our magical large green spaces, the swimming pool centre or the long beach, we want to give our guests the chance to slow down, to take things with at a leisurely pace, to experience simplicity and genuineness, perhaps alternating moments of juggling with long walks to rediscover the history of the local flora, in this way hopefully making all our guests' holidays simply unforgettable

Entertainment for everyone

Don’t miss out on our activities, all of which are designed to showcase the local area. In recreational and sports activities, it is natural to create new bonds and form friendships, embarking on open-air sporting challenges and taking part in evening shows.


Riva degli Etruschi’s youngest guests (from the age of 4) have their own specially-trained staff to help fill their time with activities, treats, fun and discoveries: creative workshops, recreational sports, outdoor adventures and bonding activities for everyone.