When contemplative life gives way to active life...we will take care of it, with a programme full of proposals for living a different day every day. In the magic of our large green spaces, the swimming pool centre or the long beach, we want to offer our guests the chance to slow down, to live with an unhurried rhythm, with simplicity and genuineness, perhaps alternating moments of juggling to revive the circus world with walks to rediscover the history of the local flora and in this way make the holidays of all our guests simply unforgettable

Entertainment for everyone

Don’t miss out on our activities, all of which are designed to enhance the area. In this dimension dedicated to recreation, it is natural to create new bonds and friendships, diving into open-air sporting challenges, cooking lessons and taking part in evening shows. Among the many activities on offer we have botanic walking, a pleasant walk with a tour and explanation of the local flora, fitness activities and water aerobics to keep you fit during the holidays, yoga on the lawn with tree hugging ….all without ever ceasing to have fun


Riva degli Etruschi’s youngest guests have their own specially trained staff to help them enjoy a time full of activities, stimuli, fun and discoveries at the Miniclub. From sporting activities such as archery or mini-olympics in the midst of the greenery and the sea, to activities that encapsulate our philosophy of promoting Tuscan excellence, everything is child-friendly. And it will be great to sow the seeds of our traditional Tuscan varieties in the Orto Bimbo (Children’s Garden), take part in theatre shows or learn juggling to bring the circus world to life.

For older children, Riva degli Etruschi offers sports and entertainment activities linked to our territory: athletic challenges on disciplines from the Etruscan period, escape room competitions, evening entertainment, fitness and games in the pool



Book your holiday in total safety in Riva degli Etruschi

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Our priority is to offer everyone a careful and safe welcome in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Government.  Starting from August 6th 2021, as established by Law Decree No. 105 of 23/07/2021, in order to access the events/shows listed below, it will be necessary to show the Green Pass (in paper or digital format):

– All the events/shows organized by the animation carried out both outdoors and in the indoor premises of Riva degli Etruschi;

– All activities/events involving children over 12 years old held both outdoors and indoors at Riva degli Etruschi;

– All events/shows organized internally by our facility held both outdoors and indoors at Riva degli Etruschi.

In addition, the Green pass will be required to access the gym

As far as the stay in the structure is concerned, during the check-in, will be required a self-certification in compliance with regulations and will not be required any digital certification (Green pass)

We hope to welcome you soon to Riva degli Etruschi