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We have built five love stories with food, in five restaurants designed to give everyone the pleasure of discovering a different place to meet with flavour every day. Respect for nature meets at the table in the possibility of tasting flavours without haste, thus being able to give the right value to time and food. We believe in the enhancement of the territory and the recovery of excellence. This is our way of taking care of those who are not only looking for the beauty of the landscape but want to experience history on their plate

All our restaurants will reopen next season



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Our priority is to offer everyone a careful and safe welcome in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Government.  Starting from August 6th 2021, as established by Law Decree No. 105 of 23/07/2021, in order to access the events/shows listed below, it will be necessary to show the Green Pass (in paper or digital format):

– All the events/shows organized by the animation carried out both outdoors and in the indoor premises of Riva degli Etruschi;

– All activities/events involving children over 12 years old held both outdoors and indoors at Riva degli Etruschi;

– All events/shows organized internally by our facility held both outdoors and indoors at Riva degli Etruschi.

In addition, the Green pass will be required to access the gym

As far as the stay in the structure is concerned, during the check-in, will be required a self-certification in compliance with regulations and will not be required any digital certification (Green pass)

We hope to welcome you soon to Riva degli Etruschi