Mariva Dune Restaurant & Bar

The elegant wooden lines of the Mariva restaurant are perfectly intertwined with the centuries-old vegetation of the Riva degli Etruschi gardens, to strengthen the deep bond we have with nature and our territory. The enchanting location is just one of the elements that will leave our guests speechless: the fish of the archipelago, the typical ingredients of the inland, our agricultural products and the careful selection of wines are the result of our attention to quality, and the will and need to tell our guests about this fantastic territory.

The Mariva Dune restaurant is open until 16 October 2022 - breakfast only
bar will be open from 21 May 2022 to 16 October 2022

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Mariva Dune Restaurant is a story of the territory that is expressed through its proposals of food and wine, the result of the intertwining of land and sea. In this restaurant we carefully select the raw materials that make up the dishes, in line with our values of sustainability and territoriality: the fish is chosen on the basis of a criteria that does not affect the reproducibility of the species in question, the pasta is organic by Gino Girolomoni, the vegetables are from our km0 vegetable garden and the bread and gnudi are carefully homemade.
It is possible to have a taste of this reality from the morning, with our à la carte table served breakfast, full of dairy products, organic eggs and cured meats from local Tuscan companies, fresh centrifuges and cakes from our patisserie.

Four-legged friends are welcome in this restaurant


Mariva bar is located in a suggestive location, surrounded by holm oaks and oaks of our green area that create a natural protection from the external environment.
Enveloped in the tranquillity of nature, just a few steps from the sea, you can enjoy an aperitif enriched with our own wines and a spirit, Gin-eprò, which contains the botanicals of the Riva degli Etruschi gardens, for a completely immersive experience.

Four-legged friends are welcome in this bar