Our history

Up to the 1950s, the shore of the Livorno coastline stretched from San Vincenzo to Baratti, notable for its wild, spontaneous natural beauty, made up of centuries-old Mediterranean scrub, with an undergrowth of shrubs and marshland that formed the remains of the Rimigliano wetland


This natural area, pristine, rugged and unspoilt, was characterised by such majesty and delicacy that it was considered ideal terrain for developing the Riva degli Etruschi project: a newly conceived tourist complex, capable of harmonising man and landscape. A dream that captured the spirit of an era, a longing for rebirth; a project capable of preserving the territory and showcasing the existing vegetation and scenery


The buildings of the first complex were designed to blend in with the natural environment, adapting to the contours of the land and merging with nature. This sense of proportion, of measure, made it possible to create a light, welcoming structure, with painstaking attention to every detail, designed to guarantee guests an iconic holiday in the heart of Tuscany. Over the years, Riva degli Etruschi has expanded, increasing its potential with new constructions and facilities. Values of sustainability, circularity and reduced consumption have been added to the magic of its origins. The original project has found continuity in the renewed sense of responsibility of our times: the awareness that each generation does not inherit our planet as a gift from its fathers, but rather is its custodian, in the expectation of handing it down to its children. A situation that appears to be the natural evolution of that first magical interaction between man and nature