Our history

Until the 1950s, the Livorno coastline stretching from San Vincenzo to Baratti enjoyed a wild, spontaneous nature, consisting of centuries-old Mediterranean scrub enriched by an undergrowth of shrubs and marshes that formed the remains of the Rimigliano swamp


This virgin, rough and uncontaminated nature retained such strength and gentleness that it was chosen as the ideal territory to develop the Riva degli Etruschi project: a newly conceived tourist complex, capable of keeping man and landscape in harmony. A dream that captured the spirit of an era, the desire for rebirth; a reality capable of preserving the territory by enhancing the existing vegetation


The buildings of that first settlement were designed to blend into the natural environment, adapting to the shape of the land and disappearing into nature. This sense of proportion, of measure, made it possible to create a welcoming and light structure, with attention to every detail, organised to accompany guests on a unique holiday in the heart of Tuscany. Over the years, Riva degli Etruschi has grown, increasing its potential with new buildings and services. To the magic of the origins we added values of sustainability, circularity and reduction of consumption. The original project has found continuity in the renewed sense of responsibility of our age: aware that each generation does not receive the planet as a gift from their fathers, but rather is its custodian, waiting to hand it over to their children. A reality that appears to be the natural evolution of that first magical encounter between man and nature



Book your holiday in total safety in Riva degli Etruschi

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Our priority is to offer everyone a careful and safe welcome in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Government.  Starting from August 6th 2021, as established by Law Decree No. 105 of 23/07/2021, in order to access the events/shows listed below, it will be necessary to show the Green Pass (in paper or digital format):

– All the events/shows organized by the animation carried out both outdoors and in the indoor premises of Riva degli Etruschi;

– All activities/events involving children over 12 years old held both outdoors and indoors at Riva degli Etruschi;

– All events/shows organized internally by our facility held both outdoors and indoors at Riva degli Etruschi.

In addition, the Green pass will be required to access the gym

As far as the stay in the structure is concerned, during the check-in, will be required a self-certification in compliance with regulations and will not be required any digital certification (Green pass)

We hope to welcome you soon to Riva degli Etruschi