A journey to explore Italy's wine heritage, to rediscover the importance of our earth and offer all guests a truly sensory experience with every sip. It was this passion for wine that led to the creation of the "Al Divino" wine shop: we will be more than happy to involve our guests in this delightful world of emotions, sensations and flavours

“Marittimo”: OUR WINE

Looking out to sea, the Islands of Elba, Capraia and Gorgona inspired us to produce our “Marittimo” white wine. Ample, sun-filled, pleasant and intense to the taste, rich in nuances, it derives from a combination of Mediterranean grapes: Vermentino and Viognier. We strongly believe in sustainable winegrowing, which is why we use the best production practices to protect the environment, with a strong focus on organic farming that respects both the territory and the consumer.

Looking inland, admiring Bolgheri, Campiglia Marittima and Suvereto, we had the idea of producing red wine. The Sangiovese vine is the leading player in our “Marittimo” red. In this wine we combine Mother Nature’s bounteous gifts, the skilful labour of man and a deep respect for biodiversity. Mediterranean scents of plum, cherry and blackberry distinguish this wine, giving it its unmistakeable Tuscan character.

In our wine shop you can enjoy a tasting of our “Maritime” white and red, in a relaxing ambience: an unforgettable journey through tastes and aromas amidst warm and welcoming colours.

Discover the wide variety of Italian wine labels available to all our guests

The “Al Divino” wineshop will open again in the season 2023. 

"Tenuta Biliotto": OUR OIL

On our Biliotto estate, located in Bagno a Ripoli, near Florence, we have a variety of ancient olive trees that we treat with the utmost reverence. The extra virgin olive oil “Tenuta Biliotto” is a blend of Tuscan cultivars, bright in colour and pleasantly spicy, organic and produced by cold pressing. It is pressed directly by our mill immediately after harvesting and is stored in argon to maintain its organoleptic qualities. Thanks to the microclimate in which our olive trees grow, the oil produced is noted for its freshness and intensity of flavour and aroma. Tuscan excellence

Enjoy an exclusive experience in our wine shop: you can discover all the secrets and curiosities of organic extra virgin olive oil, how our green gold is created, its artisanal processing methods and its use in traditional Tuscan cooking