From the garden to the table: the protagonists of our recipes are the fruit and vegetables harvested every day by hand in our km0 organic vegetable garden in Riva degli Etruschi and supplied by small local producers. Among the proposals, unique ingredients such as the violet artichoke from Val di Cornia stand out, a typical cultivation of the Etruscan Coast with a forty-year history, which we wanted to preserve and around which we have built a community in collaboration with Slow Food. In addition to vegetables, our guests can enjoy homemade bread and pasta made with our ancient wheat flour, tasty and light, which release the authentic flavour of the wheat

The All'Orto restaurant and bar will open again during the 2023 season

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The philosophy of the km0 product finds full expression in the restaurant All’Orto: inspired by the Tuscan culinary tradition, we offer a wide choice of dishes with simple and genuine flavours, made with fresh local raw materials. Even the furniture, enriched with olive and lemon plants and trees, reflects the close link with the territory and recreates the atmosphere of a real botanical garden.

Animals are not allowed into the All'Orto restaurant


The All'Orto bar is located in the heart of the centuries-old gardens of Riva degli Etruschi, a few steps from the sea, and is the ideal location to meet, sip a cool drink and enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation in nature, rediscovering the flavour of simplicity.

Animals are not allowed in the All'Orto bar